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Dance In Bougival (Detail) Premium Poster

Dance In Bouquival by Renoir–Now just imagine “Wrecking Ball” is playing in the background . . .

I seem to be on a “re-imaging” creative kick. Comments from GirlWithGreatExpectations, have me rethinking all sorts of historically modern mash ups. I am sure someone else has already thought of this . . . but I have not been able to find quite what I see in my head . . . certainly that makes me sound crazy. Or visionary! Or KA-razy visionary! Ha!

I am imagining a Victorian Era music video . . . what would that look like? Would the woman never stare into the camera? Who she get all Gaga and raise her hemline to her ankles? Or dress in men’s clothes for shock value? Would the music video be in sepia tone? Black and white? Or flip book style? How many costume changes would there be? Would there be a kick line of chorus girls? Would they look demure or like harlots? Most importantly what song would be sung????

The most obvious mash-up would be a current celebrity singer singing a modern tune in Victorian attire. What if we were to swap out the idea? What if we had modern looking subjects doing modern dances to Victorian era songs? Like a trio of gangstas crunking to “A Bicycle Built for Two.” Or better yet, keep the music instrumental . . . twerking to classical? It can happen! This sort of thing makes me love anachronisms! Now . . . if only I could find a video clip . . .