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This is a topic I love to come back to again and again. If I were alive during the 19th century how different would my life truly be? As much as I adore, the late 1800s, I was born toward the end of the century. . .  to give as many direct correlations this is how it would have probably played out in my Victorian version of my life story

Father: Anglo Railroad engineer; the man who designs them not drives them (and a secret boxer/strongman)

19th Century version of Daddy

Mother: Stay at home Mexican mother (though was a “labourer” prior–Just for the record, if she knew I penned such a thing, she would kill me, but it is true for the time period)

Older brother: Probably still annoying no matter what time period you place him. Might have been a boxer or a cook

Brother . . .

Born in the Arizona Territory; 30 years before it became a State

Western Frontier Gal, more than likely *sigh*

Moved to the state of Ohio where my father’s job took me for eight green years

Relocated back to Arizona Territory

Attended a private secondary academy or finishing school, as the first public high school in Arizona is built in 1907.

Enrolled in Northern Arizona University for higher education two years after it was built, studied in . . . Teaching, since Interior Design was not an option.

Courted a questionable gentleman.

Received first hand-me down white carriage.

Matriculated and ventured down to Tucson to obtain a Masters in . . . something, as Librarianship was not identified as a discipline.

Courted by various dubious gentlemen.

Returned home and finished school via . . . letter courses? Since internet and online classes were obviously not available.

Graduated and nine month later landed an occupation in a small town between Phoenix and Tucson.

While there, meet My Mexican Dandy-Sportsman Suitor at a ball.

Acquire a new smaller dark carriage, much more efficient.

Arizona becomes a state on February 14th, 1912.

Travel abroad to Mother England.

To be continued . . .