Sur la Tamise (Return from Henley) Giclee Print

Sur la Tamise (Return from Henley) by James Tissot

Dear Readers,

I do regret the lapse in current material. My computer contracted a virus and required multiple visits to three “Tech Drs.” Alas, the ol’ gal is puttering a long. Thus, my return!

Big news is on the horizon, I shall not divulge until it has come to pass. (I am obnoxious like that). The wait may be as early as the 18th of November or as late as December 6th, but it is gleeful news, I assure you!

To make amends for not posting fresh randomness for your viewing pleasure, I shall do my best to make it up to everyone by doubling up posts as need be (or some other combination or permutation) until I have “paid back” my fortnight’s worth of absence.

Delighted to be back,

Lady M