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A few weeks ago at the library, I received an advert in the post , like I do. This one however caught my eye and I thought I should save it for 19th Century Modern. In the confides of my own home, I looked up the website. With each new page, I found something that would suit a fellow blogger that I follow! So I decided to share these personal links as little internet gifts to share with said bloggers, just to say “I thought of you!”

All recommendations come from Old House/Shire Publications. Note: The covers might be little to be desired, but the content is most appealing. As we are prone to say in Libraryland, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”

For the American Duchess: While I know her specialty is shoes and costume; she possess a wicked hedgehog wig that I always love to see her in. She might take a liking to

For the Lady’s of Vicky A and their love of all things tea; I “bequeath”

For the gentleman blogger of Freaky Folktales; this reminded me of you

I believe Jackiemania with her love of books and words would appreciate

I think badwolf101, with his refine taste in menswear would love to thumb through

For the wonderful photographer at Exploratorius; perhaps this might pique your interest

I could easily see the dauphiine at Tiaras and Trianon scrutinizing the pictures of any wedding tiaras and pulling out the measuring tape

And lastly, for the digressing Mrs. Daffodil and her love of esoteric tidbits