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Two Frenchwomen of the Consulat Period Giclee Print

Two Frenchwomen of the Consulat Period c. 1801 –Because . . . well, why not? How else is one suppose to dress for an anniversary?

On this day, a year ago, I began to pen 19th Century Modern with hopes of sharing my love of the 1800s, modern commentary, and some peeks into my life. It has grown to an outlet for research and discussion, photographs and discoveries, friendship and laughter.

My monthly repertoire evolved to include random surveys, shopping links, 19th century related news reports, pre-published books dealing with the era in question, and most recently “Mute Mondays,” which are not entirely silent. I have played around with my voice from scholarly, pretentious, vernacular, and modern slang. I have yet to settle on a certain one.

As a recapitulation of the best of the best of 19th Century Modern from the past year . . .

Winners of the Most Liked Posts

  1. Turning Red
  2. Hair Presumptive
  3. The Old Boys Club
  4. Well Spring

The sole recipient for the Most Commented Post

Watch Your Language

The awards for the Most Viewed Post

  1. A Steamy Wedding
  2. Dinner Party
  3. Picture This
  4. Men of the Cloth

So what does this all mean? . . . . I have absolutely no idea. The few things I have gleaned from these statistics are:

  • The first day of the week routinely gets the lowest views, regardless of how compelling the content. Naturally, Fridays gets the most. Needless to say, any fabulous weekend recaps are being pushed toward the middle of the week.
  • Readers like pictures, ironically.
  • Every day “A Steamy Wedding” gets viewed, but I cannot chalk it up to the Steampunk topic, as other posts in the category rarely receive equal attention. Perhaps, it is the wedding aspect??? I am unsure.

Cheers to another happily random year! Huzzah!!!