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Good Heavens! This was supposed to be published on Friday . . . I apologize, Dear Readers, I am doing my upmost to return to my previous Monday through Friday schedule. . . Forgive me for the lateness of this post . . .

This Monday is my birthday and unlike last year, I am not venturing off to travel abroad. It will be a small family fete. . . with gifts, of course. Must not forget the fun of this annual holiday (and National Holiday, if you should happen to reside in Mexico!) This is my Victorian-esque wish list this year . . . I am leaving off the sparkly engagement ring this time; as it goes without saying that I am still waiting for the little box. *stares hard at My Suitor*

The modern fashionistas can keep their Louboutins; I dream of the Duchess! *swoon!*

"Gibson" Edwardian Leather Shoes (Tan/Brown)

“Gibson” by American Duchess


An antique embossed gold card case, perfect for my new business and calling cards.

Fabulously huge millinery!

I think the back of this is so pretty

Every Lady should have a proper Victorian Corset; I would start with this one

Meschantes Ready to Wear Nude Training Corset for Daily Wear Your Size

I have had my eye on this one for quite a while

I have mentioned a 19th century desk set before . . . still have not acquired it . . . still hoping it will magically appear . . .

Antique Brass . . . would look perfect on my desk in my corner office

While not truly Victorian, Horchow items are exceptionally posh and rather swoon-worthy. Haute House, is a brand they carry that speaks to my aesthetics. Traditional forms using modern materials and sometimes punchy hues!–Many gentlemen, My Suitor, included, might balk at sleeping on something like this. As for me? Well, I would just have the chef send up breakfast!

“The” Ultimate 19th Century Modern ‘princess bed!’– “Antoinette” from Horchow by Haute House

Again, not particularly antique, but it is something I would like to own.

Rose-gold is puuurdy

Lastly, should someone with deep pockets would like to purchase a dwelling for me; this Victorian bungalow would do quite nicely.

From One Shabby Old House