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The members of the Literati are picking up their copies of Phantom of the Opera; some are even reading it on their Kindles! Women are fretting over the costumes. One lady is having a hat custom made. Others are constructing their own masks. A few are even buying elaborate versions. The sign-up list for Parisian pastries is full and many are bringing their elaborate cake stands and serving ware. The performers are practicing to selected music. The fog machine is coming out of hiding and firefighter-approved LED candles are being purchased. Folding screens and heavy drapes are beginning to accumulate in my office. The “further reading” material on Opera and Paris, has been pulled. Excitement is in the air!

My supervisor is having me hand deliver a few special VIP tickets to certain members of the City Personnel. One of the heads of Parks and Recreation was seriously upset he could not attend so he “scalped” his Box Seat ticket. The City press guy and the newspaper journalist are also on the invite list. I have yet to figure out how the Box will appear. I was hoping to have a slightly raised platform, but it may not be possible. I know the chairs will be not be standard issue (meaning, they will have cushions). The VIPs keep recommending other departments to invite . . .”The Firemen! The City Council! The Mayor!” Oy, vey! I certainly have my hands full!

The edition were using and the Opera Ticket bookmark (NOT the Box Seat ticket)

The edition were using and the Opera Ticket bookmark (NOT the Box Seat ticket)