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A Young Child Is Introduced to the Teacher by Her Father on Her First Day at School Giclee Print

A Young Child is Introduced to the Teach by her Father on Her First Day at School

School started this week for those in the Southwest, but for those in other parts of the country, academy sessions have yet to commence. The annual school shopping is one of my favorite shopping excursions of the year. Christmas has its own magic and Easter is alright, but school shopping is so thrilling! The list! The First Day of School Outfit! The Backpack! So much fun!

I have round up a few essentials for any 19th century modern schoolchild, or those whom are children at heart. Most are from Esty shops, save for one. What items will find their way on to your school list?

Nothing says Victorian schooling quite like slate boards. The one below is a rare elaborate double board!

Ornate Antique Victorian Folding Double Sided Slate Chalkboard with Original "Slate Pencil"

There is something so pretentiously tidy and wonderful about pencil boxes. This one is upcycled from children’s letter blocks from the 1800s.

Back to School Victorian Alphabet Blocks Wood Pencil Supply Box - ABC decoupage Keepsake Box - Craft Keepsake Box

The Victorians were known as avid letter writers. Penmanship was imperative. Practice the curlicues on your own with these penmanship booklets.

Vintage Penmanship Booklet, Victorian Calligraphy, 1876, School Book, Paper Ephemera, Antique Booklet, Set of Two

For a truly authentic Victorian academy experience, pick up your very on Latin Grammar Book circa 1894. Now if only we could locate the haute French manual, we shall be all set.

1894 Latin Grammar

Now where to stash all these pencils and books? In your very own vintage inspired satchel! This own is actually vegan, how thoroughly modern.

Vintage VEGAN Messenger Bag OOAK

While this item would be provided by the academy itself, who does not want to own a Victorian school desk?! I covet this item!

VICTORIAN era SCHOOL DESK  -- Cast Iron and Wood -- fold down seat

Now the most important purchase of school shopping? The first day of school dress! This frock is identical to the one of my Edwardian storybook characters. I can distinctly recall as a nine year old gasping when I first witnessed this adorable ensemble. I shall own an inspired adult version of this one day! Mark my words.

The final touch to a smart outfit is a little award for a job well done. This one happens to be for an award for excellence in the harp. Now, that is decidedly Victorian!

Edwardian Music Award CHARM Pendant: (tested)12kt  gold - floor harp, harpist