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It is coming . . . ! Yesterday, I tacked up the poster for the new Literati (Book Club) Premiere. It signifies the first day of sign up and copies of the novel are ready for collection. I had one member arrive before the library opened to pick up her book. Five people in all excitedly claimed their copies on the first day. A record for our small library!



You are more than welcome to read The Phantom of the Opera along with the Literati. Perhaps we can start a book club thread? Who knows?! Stranger things have happened.

*Backstory: The poster was done in the vein of a 1870s advertisement. The year, being the decade in which the novel is set. I beseeched my brother to draw a picture of the singers that will be performing at the Premiere, casting them in the lead roles. He refused. He debated, he has not picked up his sketch pad in a decade. I consoled him that drawing was like riding a bicycle; one simply just had to get back on. He refuted flatly that it was not. So, I used logic. “Look at it this way, your worst portrait is still far superior than my best efforts.” I begged; he refused again. I bribed and he relented. *Sigh* It was a difficult endeavor for him. He was not satisfied with the results. Ever the critical Artist’s eye. This was his first and only draft. He had intentions of a final refined product, but sleep deprivation and frustration blocked his confidence. He turned it into me in disgust, claiming the picture looks nothing like the female and the male is not true to form. While true, this is not his best work. I told him honestly that it was marvelous! Because look at it! I certainly could not accomplish any form of human likeness in my sketches.