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A Widow Art Print

A Widow by James Tissot

It has started, already. The time of year when a wife or girlfriend mourns the temporary death of her relationship with her sports fanatic. In modern parlance it is referred to as a “Football Widow.” A term I was unfamiliar with until I began courting My Suitor. He cautioned me early about the perils of this temporary widowhood. I took it in stride and brushed it off. It was only a season. I do not consider myself needy. I am a “Youngest Child,” accustomed to making my own amusement if need be. What I failed to realize is singularity of my circumstance. American Football “season” is a misnomer. I assumed gentlemen watched only their professional team of choice, play. At this point, all veteran wives and girlfriends are shaking their heads at my foolishness. For those who love a sports fanatic know this is certainly not the reality of the situation. The purpose is to view as many games as possible!

It does not stop there in my case. My Suitor is a coach at a secondary academy, a semi-professional player, and a season ticket holder fanatic. I must suffer through the high school coaching season beginning in July with football camp, then there is college ball, pro ball, his semi-pro practices and games; after the Super Bowl, indoor arena football commences! *wails!* To top it off, My Suitor is also the girl’s basket ball coach, track coach, and general conditioning coach of the small school. His sports life and obligations are stretched over an entire year!

It is tragic in some ways. I have yet to devise a happy medium to cope with the loss of his loving presence. However, Victorian women spent inordinate amounts of time without their significant others.  I looked to them for inspiration when I am not attending games in person to support My Suitor and cheer him on. After a bit of research on the subject of activities this is what I uncovered:

  • Assist friends with their own projects
  • Attend town lectures
  • Call on friends and acquaintances
  • Carriage rides in the park
  • Catch up on my reading
  • Continue my correspondences
  • Devise devious social climbing schemes to take over the world, a la Mrs. Vanderbilt
  • Dine out with Lady friends
  • Go to art galleries and museums in the City
  • Head out to one of the Country Estates and walk everywhere
  • Host a rollicking good party
  • Met the Ladies for tea
  • Shop in Town
  • Sign up for art and drawing courses
  • Take up a musical instrument
  • Visit mother for extended periods
  • Write sordid stories and act them out, a la Jo March in Little Women

This season is looking more positive already! I had best get started straight away! *dons hat and gloves*gently nudges Suitor towards the door* Dear, do you not have some coaching to do? . . .

This is the “Sympathy” card my father gave me for this “difficult time . . .”