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This past weekend my mother and I took a short jaunt over to our local historical society. It was a quaint adobe structure that used to be a personal residence. We did learn a few things that differ from the typical “Southwest Story.” First and foremost our founding father, Dr. Alexander J. Chandler, was rather nice looking! Sure he may look a bit cross-eyed from that particular angle, but he was young and ambitious (aren’t they all). He left Arizona for California to learn how to harness the power of water; for those who hold the water, hold the power. His two daughters with their massive bows are also included in the montage above. With the harnessing the water, agriculture soared. Avocados, grapefruits, and Pima Cotton were some of the new crops available for harvest. Pima Cotton is a big deal! It is considered the softest type of cotton (even over the much touted Egyptian Cotton). It feels like sateen and can be found in the forms of bed linens and clothes under such brands as Macy’s, JC Penny, and Ralph Lauren. If you ever inspect a tag on fabrics, Pima Cotton only comes from the United States, so you would be supply the our own economy. How fabulous. There were a few rooms of the historical society dedicated to the oldest hotel in the area; San Marcos. I love old fashion keys and the table setting as a bit interesting. The blue print depicts the 1913 residence where the Historical Society resides. It was a interesting little excursion . . . perhaps next time I shall poke around the State archives . . .