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Sky Blue Promenade Dress with Green Underskirt, Engraved by Le Beau, Plate No.252 Giclee Print

Sky Blue Promenade Dress with Green Underskirt, Engraved by Le Beau

Whilst in Chicago, something marvelous occurred on my visit to Lake Forest Academy. It was the slightest change in thought that resulted in a paradigm shift. As beautiful as the campus was, and the pleasantry of the company, I decided after my experience that a boarding school librarian is not what I aspire to do. I am far too infatuated with history. It is the small yet monumental revelation when a person realizes and admits they are in love. Do not think me daft, I always knew I adored history (obviously, hence 19th Century Modern) but I never really considered a career in the field. Now, that I am awakened to this new joy, I am uncertain what title of position I shall be looking for in my career change.

My aspiration is to be in charge of event planning and advertising for a historical society in some township east of the Mississippi River and north of the Mason-Dixon line; with the one exception being North Carolina. I would move there in a heartbeat! My concern lies in the pay. From my cursory research, most historical societies employ part time staff and a host of volunteers, with a few full time paid staff, that does not encompass the tasks I so desire.

So this is my initial plan of attack, I shall continue to look for library positions in said locale. Then volunteer at the local historical society and offer my services; a way to segue myself into the new profession and gain experience. Granted, I will also search for historical, event planning, and advertising positions, just to get my foot in the door.

When I told my family and peers about this paradigm shift and alteration in my 40 Year Plan, most of them went into apoplectic shock. A change in “goal”/”outlook” is against type for me; but I figure it is best to follow one’s bliss; one of the luxuries of the Modern age.

Wish me luck! Should anyone know of someone or an open position, please let me know. I would be most grateful. *sets off at a determined pace toward Bliss*