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Oooo, mysterious and dashing!

Oooo, mysterious and dashing!

In honor of My Suitor’s Birthday, I am presenting my multitalented beau in a quasi-resume/bulleted list format. Yes, yes, it is a thinly veiled means to brag, but gosh darn it, I am just so darn proud! Happy Birthday, My Suitor!! *cheers wildly* Aside: He helped put this together . . . I believe his personality shows . . .

Name: My Suitor

Age: One year older than last year

Address: Small Cottage in Home Town (because that is definitely a place on a map)

Athletic Prowess:

  • 7th grade: 2nd place in Western Conference for Soccer (Undefeated in Regionals)
  • 8th grade: Beat school’s rushing yards by 100 yards
  • 9th grade: Played varsity football, Regional Football Champions, 3rd place discus in Track, 5th in shot put
  • 10th grade: Started on varsity football, Regional Football Champions, 2nd place discus in Track, 5th in shot put
  • 11th grade: Won State Championship in football, 3rd place in discus for Track, 2nd in shot put
  • 12th grade: Football championship, 2nd place in discus for Track, 2nd for shot put,
  • Holds the squat lift record for 590 lbs, Benched second all time record with 340 lbs
  • 3 All State recognitions, 4 First Team All Regions recognitions, 3 1st runner up for All American, 1 All American Honorable Mention
  • 1st year University: Started, beating out a senior for position
  • National weight-lifting competition: 7th in deadlift, 13th in squat
  • 3 years Varsity Football and Track Coach
  • New Girls Basketball Coach

Musical Talents:

  • Self taught on 20 instruments save for piano and trumpet
  • Started music training at 7 years old
  • Been in 3 bands (as bass player, keyboard, and lead singer)
  • Composed 7 songs; one of which was used in a dance competition
  • Church music director for 6 years
  • Favorite 3 instruments: Piano, Trumpet and Bass guitar

Theater Roles:

  • 5 Church plays
  • 11 Total plays including high school and college
  • Favorite Role: Tito Merelli from Lend Me A Tenor; also the funniest play he has ever worked on

Other Accolades:

  • For many years held elementary school record for most Accelerated Readers for over !,000 points (or about 500 books)
  • 2 Time Bible Drill State Champion and 3rd place at Nationals
  • New Church Youth Pastor (I refer to him as the Pied Piper, because children are always following him around. Has a wonderful way with youngsters . . . looks a bit like a mother duck)

Most Memorable Text: (Early in our courtship)

Him: *poke*

Me: Did you just poke me?! How very Facebook of you

Him: I’ve been poking people long before Facebook!