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19th Century Italian Wishing Well

This weekend is My Suitor’s birthday. Since he is not one to make a fuss over such matters, I shall do it for him. To combine this month’s shopping post and imaging what he may desire, if he were a 19th century chap . . . I conceived this list with him in mind. As for him actually acquiring these exact items? To that, I tell him to Wish On! I alphabetized the list . . . librarians like to categorize alphanumerically. . .  All items are linked to their original website. Some are not available for purchase, but it is the thought that counts, right?


My Suitor likes hats. Baseball caps to be exact. To his credit he owns a newsboy cap, fedora, and top hat, for when the occasion arises. This would be a nice summer choice in his selection. It is actually a Stetson, if you can believe such a thing. It was the most common Western millinery of the 19th century. I perceive as a “Western Boater.”

He is also a bit of a Sherlock Holmes aficionado. Below is the Holy Grail for Sherlockians, the first edition of the Mrs. Beeton magazine debuting the character of Sherlock to the world via A Study in Scarlet, circa 1887.

My Suitor is currently in the market for shoes. He favors his athletic shoes and black pairs, but I think a snappy brown set inspired by 1885 gentlemen styles, would be a nice change. Like these for example, also available in very hard to find sizes!

As a musician, My Suitor would appreciate this 1900 Steinway Victorian Heirloom Grand Piano. I scoured the internet looking for a 19th century edition without gaudy elaborate carvings which I know would turn him off. This was the simplest I could find for the era in question!

He also has a collection of swords and knives. It seems to be a family fascination. His own mother lamented, “What is it, that all three of my sons like sharp pointy things?!” I choose the one below for not only being from 19th century, but also rather exotic looking.

I know he is also in the market for a new watch. With his muscular physique finding a comfortable fit is sometimes difficult to come by. To solve the problem, he ought to revert back to the gentleman’s pocket watch. One size fits all and infinitely more stylish. However, finding a timepiece with a minimalist face he so prefers, presents its own challenges. This was the best I could do.


Lastly, or perhaps, more importantly, My Suitor is an athletic Coach. What is a Coach without his whistles?! So I found a set of 19th century English silver military whistles! Did not know these things existed prior to my research. Most certainly too intricate for his personal style, but would be a great display and conversation piece for his office. Definitely adds a touch of class to the rustic and athletic surroundings.