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Gentlemen are visual creatures. Every fellow admires a pretty gal; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the era . . .  Sport Illustrated magazine has launched many top modeling careers. Who could forget Heidi Klum wrapped in a snake on the beach or Tyra Banks in her teeny yellow bikini? But what of the luscious “babes” of yesteryear? In their scantly clad attire? Posing provocatively, hoping to catch the male’s eye . . . You are in luck, gentlemen! I have just the thing 19th century fantasies are made of!

Gibson Girls, 1900 Giclee Print

Gibson Girls by Charles Dana Gibson, 1900–Notice the wool stocking and bare arms!



Coney Island Bathers, 1899–Those cheeky girls!



One of the original swimsuit cover girls–Surely the Kate Upton of her day

All this “Heidi” is missing, is the snake . . .