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War News from Mexico Premium Poster

War News from Mexico by Richard Canton Woodville

The monthly gleaning of articles pertaining to random things 19th century related! Because it is still relevant and newsworthy. We are continuously fascinated by it and exhume more each day it seems. Read what is going on in the 19th Century Modern World . . .

Heritage Dance Lessons! Why are there not any available in my area?!

For those with pocket change laying around, this beautiful Manor House is available. Seen here at the Wall Street Journal.

Book trailers have been around in Libraryland for decades now, but this one takes place in the 19th century and it is . . . what is the word?–Nifty!

This is quite an interesting piece. 19th Century French women in sports magazine, with photographs of the cover-girls. Notice their “sporting” attire. . .

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit depicting his works on the lifestyle that eventually did him in.

An ode to the Civil War musicians who accompanied the soldiers. This is a wonderful commemorative gesture.

19th century semi-autobiographical comic strip proves the university life has not changed in a millennia.

For the more Modern; view London at night by bicycle. Sounds trippy!