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Rotten Row, Hyde Park Giclee Print

Rotten Row, Hyde Park by Thomas Blinks

Before Car & Driver’s 1955 periodical debut, there was Horse & Driver, its 19th century equivalent. Well, not really, but let us imagine. Below are my pretend pages/articles of what one might find in the fabled Horse & Driver.

Horse & Driver was an American equine enthusiast periodical, initially specializing in imported studs, but changed to general equine focus. Most of its readership were landed Gentry, but surely the common lad could flip through and dream.


Make:                American                                          British

Model:               Morgan Horse                                    Thoroughbred

Size:                  14.1-15.2 hands                                15.2-17 hands

Colors:               Bay, black, chestnut                          Bay, seal brown, other

Top Speed:         30mph                                             40mph

Characteristics: Compact, muscular but refined           Tall, slim, athletic, racer

Featured Horse

America’s Lexington

America’s Lexington was a bay Thoroughbred racer who lived between 1850-1875. His racing record stands at 7: 6 wins, 1 second. His sire was the famous Boston of the Boston Fashion Match Race. Even though he only ran seven races when he was three and four years old, he was considered on of the best racehorses of the time. The races themselves were arduous four mile endeavors. He once set a racing record of finishing one of these races in seven minutes flat. Due to his speed he was used as the model and one of the main reasons for the invention of the stop watching measuring fraction of seconds. He retired early like his father, because he was going blind. Lexington is perhaps famously known as the Leading Sire of America over fifteen times. He was the model for the award presented at the Preakness Stakes. After his death, his bones were on display at the Smithsonian Institution for many years.

Featured Driver

File:Lonnie Clayton (c.1893).jpg

Lonnie Clayton, 1893

Alonzo “Lonnie” Clayton was an African American jockey who won the Kentucky Derby in 1892 at the tender age of ten and five; a record he still holds. Born in 1876, he was one of nine children. Alonzo ran away from home at twelve years old to follow his brother’s footsteps as a jockey. He worked at Lucky Baldwin’s Stables and Clifton Race Track for two years before riding for the first time at age ten and four and taking home the grand prize in 1891. His career was cut short at the start of the 20th century when racism reared its ugly head and cut his opportunity to compete.


1855 American Cream Draft: RARE! 16HH, Balanced/Bluepritned, 9YO, 4 speed, Gold Champagne color. No rust! 41k miles. $22,500 OBO. Call Old Granny at 555-4807

1861 Appaloosa: 15HH, 6 speed, performance Bay, Snowcap with “racing spots”, 3YO, 80k miles. Refurbished. Like new! $11,000. See Mr. Nelson at 17 Nez Pearce Ln.

Reputable Breeders

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