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The Arms Market at Cairo; Un Marchand D'Armes Au Caire Giclee Print

The Arms Market at Cairo by Jean-Leon Gerome

Next Sunday is Father’s Day and I have combed the internet for items your father may like. I am thrilled to bring you this micro-selection to chose from. They are 19th century inspired, modernly convenient, and all around quirky pieces. Those items that are available for purchase or have articles attached are linked accordingly. I based these items off “Father’s Day Gift List Ideas” from popular magazines. I give you . . .  The Men’s Emporium.

The most common present on this patriarchal holiday is the boring old tie. Why not give it a 19th century twist and present your Dear Papa with a Cravat, instead! It can be tied in a million different ways; and of course comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.–Surprisingly, this is the one item on the list my own father really wants.

Perhaps, your father is a stylish European or American businessman, or just a suave fashion guy. Add class to his suits and tuxedos with these authentic 18k gold cufflinks. If your last name happens to be Munro, this is an absolute must! (The cufflinks display the Munro family crest, after all.)

Is he not one to dress up? Certainly a man enjoys his drinks. Present him with this 19th century ormolu decanter for his spirits. Not only do they evoke Vanderbilt and Astor, but they look gorgeous on the side table bar.

For the teetotaler, there are other suitable gifts. If he is observant or always lost in his thoughts, give your father a masculine blank leather journal to scribble his observations, genius ideas, or sketches of nature.

Leather Journal Diary - Handbound - Rustic Deep Red - 5x7" Pages

Does he prefer to read than write? I suggest a ultra manly tome. While it does not take place in the 19th century nor was it written in the 19th century, the Victorian men did have access and often read Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote is considered by many scholars to be the first official novel-format in Western literature. Besides, it has adventures, damsels, sidekicks, and windmills; what can be more masculine?

Perhaps, your father is more of the “Everyman” and does not care for the “fancier” side of the 1800s. He probably likes his 19th century fare in small doses. Perfect! How about a regular modern t-shirt emblazoned with the  epitome of 19th century masculinity?–The Sherlock shirt. As an aside, the website/link has hundreds of Sherlock and 19th century references (amongst a multitude of topics and subjects). It is definitely worth looking into!

Holmes & Watson Since 1881 Women's T-Shirt

None of that stuff will do? He is more of Family-Man whose home is shellacked with portraits of him and his brood. Nothing would mean more to him then to add to his ever growing collection of family pride. Then gather the clan together for a completely novel experience–The Steampunk Family Portrait!–Hire this photographer now!

Last, but not least . . . those fathers who never grew up and still remain  Fanboys. While these items are not for purchase the link goes to a Wired article explaining exactly what they are. Could it be . . . Vader’s father??? –I sense, a reimaging of Star Wars/Steampunk in someone’s near future . . .