Woman Reading in a Garden Giclee Print

Woman Reading in a Garden by Mary Cassett

News stories, events, and articles; oh my! I have gleaned some bits of 19th century inspired news that is currently circulating this month. Do read the columns and fascinating findings below, and just tell me you had to click on Sherlock! I know how y’all can be.

Many historical societies stage Victorian inspired events, but this Lawn Social actually hosts a wedding! What a splendid idea!!!

Some people purchase antiques, others buy replicas, or if you are this gentleman; you build your own historically accurate stagecoach.

A soldier’s diary resurfaces to tell the tale of his 21 years of service in the British Army.

A Victorian picnic is just as commonplace as Victorian tea, but the fifth paragraph caused me to pause.

Rare photographs of 19th century Beijing taken right before the war moved in and obliterated the landscape.

Revitalizing lesser known 19th century novels. For the Literary Set.

Part literary saga, part genealogical journey and all sorts of intriguing. In the vein of Letters to Juliet.

Fight like Sherlock Holmes. Enough said.