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Ahhhh, Mothers. Just because she gave you life, does not mean she will let you have one. Try as we might, many of us, myself included, owe so much to our mothers. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few things to brighten up any 19th Century Modern Mother (Whew! Try saying that, three times fast!)  You have about a day left to purchase something noteworthy! Or at least hire a personal chef and a maid of all work to alleviate her to enjoy “her day.” Do not forget your mother! And to my own mother, Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!!! *waves wildly from inside the blogosphere*

For those ladies who lunch and have tea in the garden, this frock is for you.


Speaking of tea . . . why not pour your favorite flavor from this beautiful understated teapot?


Perhaps, your mother is more into sparkle and baubles, these Victorian-inspired earrings might do the trick.


No? Is she the crafty or domestic type? Treat her to an antique tabletop sewing machine straight from an British auction house.

sewing machine

Admit it, your mother would rather treat herself to silk dusting power . . .

silk dusting powder

Oh! You say your mother is more Modern than 19th Century? Would a lovely gaudy vintage inspired cell phone case fit the bill?

cellphone case

None of the above?! A fitness fanatic, perhaps? Surely she would appreciate this strategically engineered and feminine sports bra/top


*Sigh* Well, perhaps your mother shares my own taste and would love nothing more than to curl up with literature. This novel has been on My To Read List for the last three years now . . . Also, this publishing house is a treasure trove for all things 19th century, including well written, in depth critiques, instruction books on hairstyles, fashion plate compellations, clip art CDs, and a host of other interests


So what is it? What are you purchasing or doing for your Mother Dearest, this Sunday?