Here is a topic, I rarely discuss; footwear. As implied before, I loathe shopping and I am convinced shoe shopping is its own special circle of Dante’s Inferno. Allow, me to placate your shock, true to my artistic nature I will always admire detailed craftsmanship as most females might do, but I do not enjoy purchasing those items which cobble my feet. My practical nature rears its ugly head when I must buy footwear.

Barefoot, I stand five feet, eight inches tall, I do not feel the need to loom taller. Sensible heels are ideal for me, thank you very much. By sensible I mean three inches or less. I believe I only have one pair of shoes that are four inches, which sadly is the average height of Modern high heels. I know what style, height, size, color I desire and have a budget in mind prior to stepping over the entrance to the cobblers shop. Unsurprisingly, I often do not find the exact or even comparable items to purchase. Worst of all, finding a good fit is most trying.

Lamentations aside, this post is actually about shoes I admire. There is first and foremost every historical shoe style by American Duchess. I dream of them, in part because there is room for personalization. *eyes dance with merriment* In other words, I would get to play. Though unsure if possible, I could paint and trim and repaint and retrim as needed! The design possibilities are truly endless and I would not have to continue purchasing shoes so often. I shall inquire with the Duchess and return with her answer.


Duchess Lauren, replied stating the paint may be removed with a deglazer but will never full return to its initial black  or white/ivory sheen. –This just makes me desire to purchase her shoes even more!

Here are some random photographs of shoes I would actually purchase.

Above: Practical, very Librarian

Above: The brown looks similar to American Duchess, again, practical Librarian with a bit of flair

I am not a huge fan of light colored shoes, but I do enjoy these!

Above: Not particularly practical, but very Lady like!

Above: If only the heel were lower! As about high fashion as I can appreciate.

Above: Without question! Modern and vintage.

Now for something completely impractical, but simply DIVINE looking!