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Portrait of Harriet Smithson (1800-54) Giclee Print

Portrait of Harriet Smithson (1854)

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a frivolous amusement. What initially began as a research endeavor, quickly turned into a few merrily wasted hours. I discovered a site which I could derive a person’s equivalent name in 1880! How fun! Care to play? The website, itself, is not a game, but I turned it into one. I discovered My Suitor’s 1880s name is Joseph! A nice solid and dignified name. Then using the same rules, my name would be  . . . Harriet? *blanches* Some how this was not as good fun as it was before. Joseph and Harriet? Maybe? . . .

Peculiar how it is the Social Security website, but do let me explain how my game works:

  • Select Popular Names by Birth Year tab in the middle of the page.
  • Type in the year YOU were born.
  • Change the ranking to Top 1000.
  • Click GO button towards the bottom of screen.
  • Find your Name Rank on the List.
  • Keep that number in mind!
  • On the left change the year to 1880 (the earliest the website will allow).
  • Click Go.
  • Scroll down to that Number Rank.
  • Voila! That is your 1880s name! Your Victorian moniker, if you will.

Please let me know “who you were in 1880”! Can anyone best “Harriet”?