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Courting can be terribly romantic *blissful sigh* Seeking inspiration from Victorian pastimes, I arranged to have a picnic with My Suitor today.

Given our circumstances, we do not engage in each other’s company as much as we desire, so we are usually left scheduling our visitations. If our schedules are busy we may only see each other one hour a week. It is terribly infrequent, so I prefer to make it memorable with different activities, hence the picnic. While, it is often said cooking for another person is an expression of love, I have hope I made it quite clear in previous posts the culinary arts is not where my talents lay. A picnic seems suitable as the food is more assembling than actual heat or conduction or reduction or something of that nature. . .

I thumbed through my resource pertaining to picnicking during the turn of the century. This is the sample picnic menu from 1908

    • Mock Turtle Soup
    • Olives
    • Celery
    • Finger Sandwiches
    • Minced Chicken
    • Red Currant Jelly
    • Cold Sliced Ham and Turkey
    • Brandy Peaches
    • Basket Salad
    • Sponge Cake
    • Cheese
    • Cherry Jam
    • Raspberry Shrub

It took just a mere glance to arrive at the conclusion, “Well, that is not going to happen!” I had high hopes to create a Spring Salad with eggs and edible flowers with a nod to the Spring Season . . . but then I became pensive with the reality before me. Lack of acumen and pressed for time . . . and worse yet, I could not locate my picnic basket! The horror, I tell you! So I just prepared a salad with whatever I had on hand and bagged some fruit and crackers to accompany the rest of the fare. Prior to leaving for lunch, a patron stopped by the library and gifted me with a card and a chocolate rabbit. . . a cross-eyed chocolate bunny, which I found most amusing. She said it was in appreciation for continuing to go the extra mile for her. So I included it with my picnic offerings.

My Slapdash Picnic

My Slapdash Picnic

I do wish to make it a tradition to celebrate spring with a picnic. Perhaps, I shall put more effort into the cause next year and purchase foods inspired by the feast listed above. Notice, I said purchase, least you think I could cook.

We met up in a nearby park. The weather was divine! My Suitor picked out a shady spot and we spread out the blankets and sheets I brought for the occasion. The salad with the raspberry pomegranate vinaigrette enhanced the greens immensely. I am so pleased it was not only edible, but delectable; not that I could repeat my efforts if I gave it another go. The birds twittered, the sun sparkled between the leaves of the trees and My Suitor was there beside me. We fed each other grapes, caught up with each other’s week and shared a cuddle. It was quite lovely in a ridiculously sentimental fashion. For one hour of my day, it was complete bliss.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend, dear readers!