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A Connoisseur's Corner by Benjamin Walter Spiers

A Connoisseur’s Corner by Benjamin Walter Spiers

Aaack! I am stymied! –Surely, ladies go “aaack!?” They must; whether inwardly or otherwise. I am have quite the conundrum. As it happens I am in the middle of planning next season’s book club at my library. The season finale ends next Wednesday, be sure to return to view the myriad of pictures and the ridiculous amount of detail I put into the performance, as it were. Alas, I shall be unveiling the tantalizing new book of next season that very day. Oh, but I digress . . . these past few months I took over the slumping organization and while it has grown exponentially, changes are in order.

First, what on earth do we christian ourselves?? Right now, it is simple the Adult Book Club. Which sounds banal or a bit saucy depending on your definition of Adult. Some member asked if we are to refer to ourselves as the ABCs. I was appalled at the idea. ABCs infers neophytes and children, amongst a few other references. So I have been mulling over options to present to the group. I have a penchant for alliteration so just tossing some names out here . . . Book Bunch? No. Sounds too cozy and not lively intellectual debate and theatrics, for which I am known for. Codex Coalition? *Heehee* While amusing, those outside profession of Libraryland may be unfamiliar with the term codex. Literature League? No, sounds akin to a woman’s suffragist party, I want to also appeal to the opposite gender. Reading Reviewers? No, too boring. Tome Troupe? Do the masses know what a tome is? Does this sound similar to Storm Troopers? Perhaps if I move away from alliteration and stick with one word name like many current celebrities. How about . . . Bookies? *Heehee!* I must admit this one I prefer so far, but its unsavory connotations may not please my superiors or the City in which I work for. Booklettes? No, too feminine. The Bookmarkers? *Meh* I am not inspired. Bookracks? *Heehee* This might fit if we were all females, but still, something tells me some ladies might bristle and take offense. Besides, where would this leave the gentlemen? Oy! Must think. Alright, let me move to phrases instead . . . Persons of Letters? Sounds a bit pretentious and might be misleading for a book group? Oooh! What about Book Solid? I quite like this one! It is gender neutral and a bit cheeky, which is always fun. There is more to my dilemma but for now, I am curious of your preference.