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20130320-200143.jpgOh my goodness! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by way of A Stitch in Time. Thank you Badwolf101! The Liebster Award is given to burgeoning bloggers with 200 or less followers. I am truly shocked and a bit giddy. I only started penning 19th Century Modern because I always wanted to be an authoress but was bit hesitant to share my work with others outside of my nuclear family. Once I passed my third decade, I thought it was time to conquer the fear and share. I do my best to write every day, as they say it is the way of a writer. Sometimes the Muse takes up residence in my house and sometimes she leaves me (Of all the nerve!). I am thrilled with this recognition and am extremely grateful. As of late, I must admit my blog reading has fallen by the wayside. Do forgive me. To that end, I shall place this on my list of things to do.

Eleven things about yours truly:

  1. I have the unusual ability to be wordsmith who cannot spell well. Ironic, really. The spelling stems from my hearing loss and the wordsmithing is passed down from my father’s side of the family. So I appreciate all my readers who have turned a blind eye to the errors on my posts!
  2. I read Gentlemen’s Quarterly for its articles, specifically StyleGuy: Get answers to your most pressing sartorial questions. I am guaranteed to be laughing hysterically. His wit and humor are a must read.
  3. I have the attention span of a gnat. There are moments when I am waxing philosophical about the human experience and will suddenly become distracted by some gorgeously intricate wallpaper. True story.
  4. I am better looking in person. Or so I have been told on multiple occasions. . . How does one respond to such a statement???
  5. I would love to try my hand at reenacting; as if I need an excuse to dress up.
  6. My interior design signature: I paint all the bedroom ceilings in Sherwin Williams’ Resolute Blue and incorporate a trinket of the inhabitants’ astrological sign.
  7. I am a Daddy’s Girl.
  8. My favorite piece of literature thus far is Candide by Voltaire. An old hag with one buttock who used to be a princess? Goodness, who does not enjoy a dose of satire?
  9. My favorite flower is the purple pansy. Not only is it considered a “very Victorian” bloom, but it has the longevity the length of my black thumb. So I do not feel so horrible at its demise, believing part of the reasoning was not from my lack of trying but its fragile nature. That is what I have convinced myself, anyways.
  10. I loathe the seaside. There I said it!
  11. My alias stems from my hopefully-soon-to-be new surname. *cough*cough*My Suitor*cough*cough*Ask me already*cough*cough*

My Answer to Badwolf101’s Liebster Questions:

Why did you start blogging?

This is actually my third attempt at blogging. I used to blog for the school library but it was short-lived when my supervisor’s supervisor realized I preferred the writing than duties dictated in my current job description. The other was a private blog in the vein of a newsletter for my extended family and friends. It was then, I realized how boring I really can be. 19th Century Modern is unforced and organic and more my cup of tea.

Who is your favourite ancestor and why?

It is a tie between my maternal great-grandmother who was the last aristocrat of her line and her proclivity to mysticism or William Clark from the Lewis and Clark Expedition on my father’s side. His mother shared a striking likeness to our ancestor . . . albeit in a more feminine way.

What is your favourite time and place to blog?

I would scribe all day and often do on uninterrupted weekends. I usually find myself typing in a bed in all manners of positions bent over the keys like a pianist.

If you could invite 4 people to dinner from the past or present who would they be?

My Great-Aunt Maxine, Queen Victoria, My Great-Grandmother Luz Maria, and Eleanor Roosevelt

What is your ideal vacation spot?

I loved the culture of Madrid, Spain! Otherwise, Scotland, England, and Sweden. . .  essentially any spot north of the 40th or 50th degree parallel.

If you were an animal which one would you be?

A wolf . . . I crave my “lone wolf” time, but I relish being a part of the pack.

What is your most interesting genealogy story?

My great-grandfather routinely placing my young maternal grandmother on enormous piles of gold coins in the counting house at their hacienda prior to the Revolution. He told her to sit there and play with it because not many can claim such an experience.

What is your dream job?

To be Librarian at Lake Forest Academy or be reenactor or event planner or published author or . . . well, let us just assume, I want to be everything!

What is your favourite blog post? Provide a link.

Pale Ail

Where are your family’s root?

Despite my mother’s Mexican blood, on both family trees, I am predominantly French.

What do you hope to achieve in 2013?

World domination. Oh, goodness, you must mean an honest answer . . . hmmm . . . make my positive mark on my library; create a legacy.


The Victorianacrhonist: The lovely ladies Heather and Katherine’s delightfully quirky findings and musings on all things Victorian. Their’s is the very first blog I started to follow. Victorian Hotties forever. Well deserved, ladies congratulations!

StarfishLace: The beautiful young lady, Sandrine, is already a talented historical seamstress. I am duly fascinated into awe and envious of her talents. Congratulations.

This is just shameful: Most of the individuals I follow already received this award before . . . I am unsure I can nominate them. . .

American Duchess: The arbiter of historical fashion costuming. She now has her own line of historical shoes for reenactors. Breathtaking work and amusing commentary.

The Dreamstress: Another historical costumer and also a textile historian from New Zealand. Full of flair. I adore her pictures.

Madame de Pique: Multi-award winner, the ever wry Francophile, Patricia. She has a taste for the peculiar, the macabre, but also the high fashion and the obscure.

Life Takes Lemons: The tagline is “All that is Tart and Titillating in the 18th Century.” Susan is a fantastic authoress and published writer.

Maybe Someone Should Write That Down: A treasure trove of geological information. Mom recounts the highs and lows of digging for the roots of the family tree.

A Stitch in Time: Badwolf101, my nominator and my felicitous commentor pens about his genealogical quest.

The Virtual Victorian: A plethora of well researched knowledge of the era. Always interesting.

The History Girls: An amalgamation of historical fiction authors letting readers into all aspects of their work. Very insightful and a nice place to view up coming publications for library purchase.

Two Nerdy History Girls: This blog is a host of entertaining commentary and random historical tidbits. All of it wonderful.

My Own Inquiries

  1. What are you currently reading? And if you are not reading anything; lie.
  2. Feline or canine?
  3. Favorite person of the 1800s, related or otherwise?
  4. When is your astrological sign?
  5. If you could not fail, what would you do?
  6. Least favorite era in history and why?
  7. Who or what inspires you?
  8. If you had your choice which of your five senses would you rather lose?
  9. Realist or Romantic?
  10. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
  11. Though many in our circle have their eye on the past, what is one thing you hope is built or happens in the future?