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Rapid changes are swirling around me and while I chose not to disclose them for the moment; I have a more pressing problem. The Opera is in April and I am wholly unprepared! While I maintain this rapidity of chaos, I have not taken to the shops. I remain without a gown, jewels, shoes, and accessories.

I still wonder what I shall do about my coif. I wish to wear it up in a modern interpretation on a Victorian design. However, my hair and I have a mutual dislike for one another. I do not care for product and add ons, but it refuses to behave in a natural fashion. If I am to achieve a glamorous effect, it must be beaten into submission with synthetic products and shellacked in hairspray. *sigh* Given its length, hair stylists always fawn over my locks in the beginning. They soon realize this beast that balks at holding a curl, is going to be a least a two-hour undertaking. The longest, I ever sat for a styled updo was four hours. It looked marvelous! However, my backside was numb from sitting for so long.

–Enough, lamenting. I am using this sketch for inspiration . . . Which designs do you think will look best? That can be modified to have a more current appeal? Please suggest any links or photographs of your own. I am woefully lost on what to choose!