For those who observe every holiday with felicitous zeal, you have precisely one week before Saint Valentine’s Day. I am looking at you, My Suitor. Usually there is an exchange of trinkets or planned experience involved in this holiday. If you are undecided on what to purchase or craft for your sweetheart may I suggest these sweet nothings:

Flowers are often given as gifts on this occasion. Think beyond the blooms and place them in an exquisite vase that will add majesty to any flora.


If your sweetheart does not harbor a green thumb, similar to yours truly, an elaborate vial to house a signature scent is welcomed. It would be a wonderful addition to any vanity.


It was common for couples to present each other with miniature portraits of themselves. This is not a miniature frame, but I perceive it as a “typical Victorian understated piece.”


Perhaps your lady secretly hopes upon hope a proposal is in the works. Surprise her with this ring and she is bound to say yes.