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The subject of my hands was broached yet again today. You might ask why. First, you must understand, I have a peculiar circulation issue. Some contribute it to my paleness. Others claim it is why my pulse is so difficult to find. Regardless of logic, my hands are naturally cold. Not chilled or tepid, but truly cold. To make things stranger, the more I move the colder my extremities get. After vigorous exercise, I am unable to feel my fingers. Do not be alarmed, after numerous visits to the physician over the course of my life, my wellbeing is not in any danger.

There is a positive side to this eccentricity. I reside in the southwestern part of the United States. Temperatures soar to an average of 115-120 degrees in the summer. My hands remain as cold as ever. My ice-like features allow me to fashion myself “a healer” during the sweltering months. Family, peers, and co-workers seek me out to request a “laying of the hands.” Usually the request comes to place them on the forehead, cheeks, or neck. I find it highly amusing that I can provide this service with regularity. The difficultly lies in informing others of my issue prior to inflicting my frosty touch. My previous supervisor, and close friend, did not quite believe me. So when her head was turned, I placed three finger tips on the back of her neck. She shrieked. In the library. I was just as startled as she was. She whipped around and shuddered in disbelief “Geeez! How are you even walking around?!” Of course, my alabaster skin and ice-cold touch play in nicely around October during All Hallow’s Eve. Still keeping mum on the vampire debate my students have going on.

Need a hand?

Need a hand?

Conversely, My Suitor is a very warm gentleman and his natural state is to be hot. This works out well for our relationship. We once went to an interactive Science Museum exhibit on a date. They had a place to measure the effects of sweat, but first the person had to receive a base reading of their hand. I cannot recall the exact number, but my hands were a full 4 degrees colder than My Suitors. While it may not sound like much, there is only 4 degrees difference between 98 degrees and 102 degrees. In fact, my base body temperature hovers around 96.8 degrees. When my family discovered My Suitor’s propensity to be scorching they got quite a laugh. My father jested with us. “If each of you were to lay your hands on opposite ends of a person, you could conduct electricity!” What fun! Any takers?