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An Invitation to the Opera by Hendricus Jacobus Burghers

An Invitation to the Opera by Hendricus Jacobus Burghers

While girls in secondary education academies attend their annual promenade, Ladies who graduated must seek their own venues for fancy dress gatherings. Enter the Opera. While the dress code has relaxed considerably over the decades, I still prefer the traditional evening gowns, pinned up hair, and elaborate jewels on display.

Just the other day, the opera tickets were purchased. It is a bit mid-season for purchasing them and I was concerned the performance would be sold out. However, I had to wait until My Suitor’s game schedule came in before we could choose the best night to attend. We shall be appearing opening night! I am so thrilled. My Suitor is promising to wear his tuxedo, which is always makes him look debonair.

However, now I must ready myself for the elusive Opera Gown. In the past, I have reused other fancy dresses, but now I am all caught up with repeating outfits. I would not wear the same dress to the opera again, but I still don them for many other occasions as the need arises. I may finally use the excuse I must purchase a new gown. The only drawback is I abhor shopping. I am rather particular and exacting. My gown stipulations are:

  • Floor Length: Nothing says formal and classy like a long frock
  • Thick shoulder straps or sleeves: I am not a fan of spaghetti straps and I do not really have the bust to wear strapless. However, I do own one or two dresses in these styles.
  • Vintage detail: Perhaps a puffed sleeve or a square neckline. I am rather open-minded in this category.
  • Pastel: I shall throw caution to the wind and try a pastel. I prefer heavy saturated hues; almost jewel tones. Pastels are tricky for me, for if the tint is too pale it washes out my complexion.
  • Under $200: Ah, the crux of it all!

Aside from formal accouterments, I shall need to tone up my figure and watch what I eat. To quote a peer, “You mean to tell me the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and exercise?! Maaaaan, that is so messed up!”