The Course

The Course


For those of you who guessed I was participating in a golf-related event; Congratulations! You guessed correctly!–Actually, it was not much of riddle and I would be disheartened if you guessed incorrectly. Next time, I shall make the riddle more vague and puzzling. . . .

Ready to go

Ready to go

Saturday I assisted the host of the Golf Tournament Fundraiser. I forgot to delegate photography to someone who does not have so many duties. . . .

It was bitter cold Saturday morning, which is highly unusual for the Southwest. The lying weatherman had said the cold snap was over Wednesday and Saturday should be blue skies and 70 degree weather. This was untrue. The men who wore light layers had freezing fingers. Poor things.


The list of Raffle Prizes

In addition to the entrance fees which included a buffet lunch, we offered a 50/50 drawings, Mulligans (which is the Golf term for a “do over.”), raffle tickets, Bullseye/Target, and hole in one betting. We had wonderful donations for prizes. A Ford Focus for the hole in one on the 16th hole and a cruise for the Bullseye/Target, where entrants bet they can make the drive within a 10 foot radius of the 8th hole. The raffle prizes included third row from the court NBA tickets for two, six box tickets to the state’s professional baseball team, two tickets to sky dive, a new golf bag, a set of antique golf clubs, and items I brough back from St. Andrews Links, Scotland on my trip in last September along with 22 more prizes. Between donations, bets, and raffles we raised a little under $5,000! My parents won the 50/50 and box seats to the professional baseball team for four. It was all very exciting.

Day's End

Day’s End