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This past Christmas and birthday, my sister presented me with online gift cards to Amazon. I truly love these gifts because I can buy all sorts of different items! It is a time to indulge for me. Curious as to what I purchased? Behold!

Sister's Gifts

Sister’s Gifts


Inside the Victorian Home by Judith Flanders

I have been eyeing this resource for quite some time. It is a portrait of domestic life in Victorian England. It deals with the psychology of the home and symbiotic social constructs. So thrilled to finally own a copy!

What Charles Dickens Ate and Jane Austen Knew: From fox-hunting to whist-the facts of daily life in nineteenth-century England by Daniel Pool

Any 19th century Anglophile worth their salt will have come across this work in bibliographies and citations. It is a very comprehensive compilation of numerous aspects of daily life in England 200 years ago. Wanting desperately to be worth some salt, I purchased it and read it cover to cover in one day, like I do.

The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England from 1811-1901 by Kristine Hughes

I desired to grow my collection of 19th century resources. I am curious to see what overlaps between this book and the prior one. Do I know enough to skip over certain sections? I mentioned to My Suitor at this rate, I shall need a rather large antique Victorian bookcase to house all my 19th century possessions.

Purple Satin Pillowcases

This was on my Christmas wish list. Why? You may ask. Why not? While still not a fan of silk, satin was close enough. It is a small taste of luxury fo my boudoir and just for me. Pure indulgence.

Beaded Antique Purse in Black

This is very 19th century looking! While not the drawstring bag, thankfully, this is a close counterpart. It may used as a clutch and comes with two different lengths of shoulder strap chains. More importantly it is a wonderful prop. This will definitely appear in photographs again and again, be sure to look for it.

Stuffed Animal

I was determined to use every last penny of my gift cards and had a few left to spare. I actually bought this as a gift for My Suitor. It represents an inside joke of ours. He has not seen this and I truly hope he is too busy to check in on the blog! So, shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nobody tell him!

As for my sister, thank so much for all the gifts! I truly appreciate it! Now . . . I do believe my Tios gave me a few gift cards to Barnes and Noble. If you will please excuse me I have more money to spend . . .