The original electronic commerce auction website  Ebay, still holds allure for many connoisseurs of vintage pieces. If you are considering purchasing a vintage piece often times straight from the seller, this is a way to go. Here are a few items that caught my eye while pursuing through its collections of Victorian clothing, with commentary.

  • White Eyelet Bodice
  • I adore the appearance of a crisp shirtwaist. This is a very polished look.
  • Opera Coat
  • The detail on this is amazing and looks very intricate in construction. I am surprised it is deemed an “opera” coat which I thought were much looser and not as fitted.
  • Pink French Victorian Blouse
  • This is seems like a bit of a misnomer. French Victorian? The term Victorian really refers to England. . . Technicalities, aside, I am in awe of the color! So vibrant! Most Victorian ensembles are rather dark hued, but the Hispanic in me is drawn to strong bright colors such as this shirt.
  • Copper Bustle Gown
  • I actually approve of this stress just for its usual color. I am uncertain how the shade would do next to my complextion, the style is more my cup of tea than American counterpart Civil War era gowns.
  • Blue French Victorian Skirt
  • Again with the stripes of vibrant hues! So pretty. If French is equated with color, perhaps I am fixated on the wrong country?!
  • Antique Lace Kid Shoes
  • I found this rather quaint and darling. They are in excellent condition.
  • Victorian Purse
  • I am not usually found of Victorian purses as I prefer my reticules to be rather structured and not have unseemly bulges from the interior items. However, I am rather taken with this one. The combination of needlepoint and beading works splendidly.
  • Brown Leather Kid Gloves
  • Gloves! So delightful to wear! I have not seen one with stays like these before. The overall appearance is rather utilitarian, but I do appreciate the darker color in this instance so the leather will not be soiled so quickly.