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For those of you who are fantatics of a small television program called Downton Abbey, I just received late word

. . . creator Julian Fellowes will pen a series called The Gilded Age, a similar-style drama about Manhattan’s wealthiest circles from the late 1800s—think the Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts. The show is expected to debut in fall 2013.

I am exhilerated! It is true, the 19th century is truly having its moment in the sun. It would be an interesting contrast between British and American mannars and culture. Unlike Downton, this show promises to be truly American Victiorian and not British Edwardian; similar but not equal.

Imagine the clothes! The sets with fabulous furniture! The fashion! The mannerism, social restraints, and culture! The garments! The witty banter and devious plotlines! Did, I mention . . . . THE CLOTHES?!

Oh, I do hope they cast unknowns for this project. There are lamentably few American costume dramas, I am eager to see The Gilded Age already. I hope they keep the perspective of the servants in The Gilded Age. American television has a tendency to focus only on the wealthy residents. Do you suppose the English will become watch with the same zeal as the Americans have with Downton?