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Happy New Year 1867--Life Magazine

Happy New Year 1867–Life Magazine

It has finally come to pass! 2012 is drawing to a close with a huzzah of jubilation! While some of us are thankful for the  hope and a fresh start, others are happily moving forward. Aside from the bonfires, galas, festivities and flow of champagne, I shall be drawing up my Annual Plan; a new tradition that began last year. It is similar to resolutions but more of a schedule. Besides, you know what they say about resolutions; In one year and out the other. As such, my beloved blog is also in the plan. Excerpt from my 2013 Annual Plan:

II. Continue with 19th Century Modern

A. Upgrade media

It irks me I am unable to include audio clips and media. I will not complain any longer and take action for the desired result.

B. Use of primary sources

Taking my own advice, I fully intend to reach out to those organizations with holdings in primary source documents. In fact, I have contacted a few places with successful results. Look for them in
up-coming posts!

C. Reciprocity

There is Bloggers Code about reciprocity; commenting, liking, and following others efforts. I actually do visit and read, but now I shall voice it. I am also making it a priority to respond to your inquires and musings weekly.

D. Surprises

I live for the element of pleasant surprises! It keeps the company guessing. I have a few ideas for the 19th Century Modern that I hope to implement when the time is right.

Cheers to the New Year! Stay safe my dear readers!