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M Academy for the Historically Gifted

M Academy for the Historically Gifted

It slipped my mind, many months past, I discovered there is such a thing as a degree in all things Victorian! It is often called a degree in Victorian Studies or 19th Century Studies. Some colleges offer Bachelors of Arts Degree while other universities have it as an emphasis in Masters or Doctors Degree programs. Most of the colleges happen to be in England, but nevertheless, is it not the most delicious news you have heard?!

Vassar College is the most prominent school on this side of the Pond that offers a Victorian Studies emphasis. While I am sure the courses are demanding, it does not mandate a host of credits to complete. However, the realization such a thing exist has me fantasizing of  my own Victorian Studies degree program might be like. . .

In M Academy for the Historically Gifted a potential applicant may select one of six emphasizes or routes to obtain a degree in 19th Century Studies. They may choose either British, French, American, German, Russian or General emphasis. As a semi-immersive program, all students are required to not only study but to practice the nature of the course. For example if one is taking a course on Impressionism, s/he is also expected to learn to paint in the same manner similar to a studio art class or science laboratory class. This is a 120 credit degree of an interdisciplinary nature. Students are expected to finish the program in six annuals, but it is structured to be completed in four years. **Please note there is mandatory study abroad requirement in England for at least one year of study at affiliated universities.**

Core compentancies for 19th Century Studies are

  • Art
  • Deportment
  • English
  • Language
  • Music

Other electives are available in Fashion, History, and Science as well as additional

A typical schedule of an ambitious entering freshman with a British emphasis, course summaries included:

Art Ia: Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (2-1)

This course explores the sincerity and simplicity of the Pre-Raphaelite painters and their work intertwined with their social conscious of the art movement. We focus on inspiration and subject matter during the laboratory study. Mr. Hugh

Three hour lab required.

Deportment I/II: Posture and Presence (1)

After a personal assessment each student is instructed on to enter a room with grace, receive notice for the right reasons, and to avoid irritating habits. Repetitious exercise to to realign the posture. We will then focus on standing, sitting, and walking with elegance. How to avoid nervousness and appear more confident is also covered. Mrs. Grace.

English I/II: English Novels of 1800 thru 1825 (3)

Critical reading of all Jane Austen novels and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and regular practice of penmanship. Mrs. Reed.

Fashion Ia: The Vertical Epoch and the Dawn of Romance (2-1)

Study of selected early styles and their embodiment both physically and psychologically. Fabric, construction, and patterns will be studied. Students will be judged on their final replication and knowledge of dress. Mrs. Mode.

Three hour lab required.

French I/II: Parlez Vous Francais? (3)

Fundamentals of the language. Students learn to understand spoken French, to express simple ideas both orally and in writing, and to read French of average difficulty. While enhancing their communicative skills, students acquire knowledge of France and the Francophone world. M. Norman.

History Ia: England from 1800-1825 (2)

This course considers matters of economics, important legal issues, social attitudes, and some military history of England prior to the reign of Queen Victoria. Mr. Olden.

Music Ia: Intro to 19th Century Opera I and II (3)

This course provides a general overview of the history, style, drama, and music in selected operatic masterworks from 1800 to 1900. Mrs. Notte.

Science I/II: British Inventions 1800-1825 (2-1)

This course introduces students to gains made in meteorology and railroad engineering. We will build replicas and test historic meteorology devises as well as participate in various aspects of railroad creation partnered with Great Western Railroad. Mr. Vane.

Three hour lab required.

–Well, that was amusing! Since I am stuck in the manor all night, I actually concocted a full four year study program because nothing else holds my attention at the moment. If I were me, I would certainly enroll immediately! Are there any courses that interest you?