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December has decended! It will be a few weeks before the start of the new year. I feel wholely unprepared! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, aside from my own birthday, of course. In response to those who ask for a wish list, I compiled simply that: a wish list. Are they practical? Some. Are they necessary? No. Are they historic or whimsical? Most certainly!

  • A Victorian-inspired house coat. It is chilly in this home.

  • Pretty house-slippers. No rabbit-caritures for me, thankyouverymuch. I prefer the more ladylike embrodery this pair offers.

  • A hot pink reptillian attache case or something comperable, because . . . well, why not? Professional, feminine, whimsical, with a dash of toughness.

  • The first season of Lake Rise to Candleford. Wonderful series set in 1890s England about strong women.

  • Silk or satin purple pillowcases. Supposedly, the fabric is better for the face. It also sounds luxurious.

  • Literature. An old stand by, which never fails to delight.
  • A job offer from Lake Forest Academy.

  • A particular piece of traditional jewlery from My Suitor with significant meaning. . .