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Thanksgiving or a harvest feast has been around since the dawn of agricultural societies. Thanksgiving as American society knows of it, became a federal holiday during the Lincoln administration. He saw it as a tactical move during the war years to make the citizens cohesive and to focus on what really matters.

My Thanksgiving traditions wax and wan. When my paternal grandparents were still with us, both Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts took place at my parent’s abode. Once they passed, Thanksgiving was “given” to one of my uncles. It is the first year my maternal grandmother, decided to humor another son and decline dinner in the City in lieu of dining in Town. As a result, more peers invitations were extended to flesh out the festivities.

A portion of the spread

In the spirit of the Pilgrims before us, Thanksgiving is more of a “bring a dish affair” as opposed to my aunt and uncle cooking the entire feast for twenty. In recent years, I have been asked to attempt to bring a side dish as my culinary skills are rather dismal. To my credit, they have improved from inedible to palatable. Quite a feat, as far as I am concerned. Now I need not have to have others sign liability papers prior to dinner.

Guests-The Sisters

My partial Hispanic upbringing encourages participants to don their evening or more formal wear to holiday events. The females especially, enjoy dressing up for these occasions. So true to myself, my outfit is modern with historical influences. . .


Thanksgiving Attire


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!