Whoever declared “So many books, so little time” knew the anguish of realizing the verity of this statement. It is a common misconception that people in the library profession read voraciously. I wish it were true! The truth is while many of us are drawn to the field because in our youth we were avid readers; it is difficult to maintain the zeal in professional life. Most of our days are spent trouble shooting complications, devising programs, and generally encouraging the hoi polloi to fall in love with reading. Librarians read in a different capacity. We read reviews, professional literature, best practices, local newspapers for relevant information, to form alliances with businesses, and national news to keep abreast on popular culture and the like.

Every librarian has a To Read List, usually miles in length. Titles they gleaned from reading purchasing reviews, from patron and staff recommendations, best sellers list or any lists that catches their fancy. Likewise, many librarians also read multiple books at once. Personally, the most I read simultaneously is five, but at least two at any given moment. Some books are for book club, some are classics in part for this blog, but the blog is just an excuse, others just appeal to me for some obscure reason. There is almost an even mix of fictitious novels and non-fiction codices. With the addition of my new anniversary gift, I have nine texts piled up by next to my bed and I am issuing restraint not to culminate more. The tower is threatening to overtake place of my nightstand as it increases to similar height.

Perhaps, I shall do myself a service and place aside my laptop and return to my first love for the duration of the night . . . Do any of you have towers of literature in your own home that ceases to dwindle and only to swell?