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Yesterday was the annual Halloween Carnival in the city of my occupation. As I manage teenagers along with the Young Adult Librarian, it is a yearly joint effort. This Halloween the young adults decided on a literary and child-appropriate group costume theme: Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. I desired to be quirky character such as a Lost Boy, however the group vetoed the idea. I was chosen to play the part of Wendy, which is not a terrible role in and of itself, but too similar to by own personality to be novel. My accoutrements were surprisingly cheap. I did my hair up in rag curls the night before it was even more shocking my ringlets held their shape for over eight hours.

As Wendy Darling

Every year the City tweaks the Carnival, which is a safe drug-free and non-frightening alternative to the traditional form of door to door trick-or-treating. Our booth, with the three adults and seven teenagers, managed games and handed out bookmarks and treats for the young children who attended the event. This year was by far more manageable than the three succeeding years I have assisted this endeavor. Young adults are all twitter about next years group costume theme, Wizard of Oz? Winnie the Pooh? Something else? Who knows what they will decide. I am thrilled they had so much fun with the games and cooing over the children’s costumes. Personally, I am exhausted! More beauty sleep is needed.

Part of the group working the carnival