Every person has their dream job; an occupation they fantasize about and hopefully strive toward. Some people dream in generalities, such as the ideal location for their career. Others, pin their energies on specifics one position at one certain location. I fall into the latter category. If dreams really do come true, in the very near future I shall be penning from Lake Forest Academy in Illinois.

I believe a boarding school librarian is a perfect fit. It is an insular community similar to a collegiate atmosphere. I thrived during my tenure of undergraduate studies. Peers and colleagues suggested I apply for a position at an academic library, but I do adore the teenagers, with all their sarcasm, false bravado, raw talent, and numerous questions. They all vacillate between philosophic musings and ingenuous inquiries.

Alternately, a school librarian works in close conjunction with the faculty; assisting them in curriculum development through Common Core, creating programs and ordering or developing materials to fit their needs, and teaching not only the teachers but obviously the students as well.

I love to be involved and high school is the ideal place for discovering new joys and engaging in camaraderie. It is so enjoyable to be a club sponsor, attend rallies and sporting events, and having the drama department know me by name.

One of the wonderful things about Lake Forest Academy is the emphasis on sports and the arts. All the students have to participate in both, in addition to maintaining their grades, all peppered with lots of laughs and good old fashion fun.

The school website touches on the advance methods and technology being used in the library to help ready the students for the 21st century. Yet is this preparing the adolescents for the new paradigm shift in the workplace? What can be done to satisfy this need? I want to talk to Millennial employers and find out their expectations and likewise talk to college professors to compare.

I also wonder how visible the Academy is within the community? What does the community think of the students? What do the teenagers from the public high school think about the Academy? How does the boarding school community see Lake Forest Academy? What of the Academy’s international affiliates? I want to find out and expand the Academy’s visibility in these communities via collaboration and librarianship.

Lake Forest Academy offers so many opportunities to its faculty and students. I would love to join their team soon to help them discover more possibilities.