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Photo by Cynthia Sellers

The Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen penned some of the most memorable fairy tales of all times. Morals, lessons, and didactic schemes wove themselves into the stories, but fairy tales like all tales tell a bit of truth. Original versions do not always have the protagonists concluding with happily ever after. All the metaphors, allusions, and sentence structures do not belie the truth. The sleeping sickness that inspired Sleeping Beauty, the evil stepmother attempting to kill the heir occurred in all royal families since the dawn of time, even the mermaids of Hans Christian Andersen fame are getting their time in the sun (see The Discovery Channel’s The Body Found.).

Every day some one’s love story is being played out, begging to be retold; perhaps allowing the tale to morph into legend. The wounded soldier nursed back to health in a foreign land by the peasants of the enemy. The first love torn apart by war, only to make it home to find her married to his best friend, but with the patience of a saint was reunited with her after God called his friend Home. What about the stories of the poor minority rising above her station to marry a man of means from the majority? Or the bookish disabled girl is swept off her feet by the popular athlete in a story that melds the likes of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast? Are not all couples love stories modern day fairy tales?

Ah, forgive me for my romantic interlude. For all my logic sensibilities and adherence to reason, I do lapse into wistful romantic musings at times. The fault rest entirely upon My Suitor. He seems to bring out this facet of me.

All love stories previously mentioned are part of my family’s lore, in truth; passed down through the generations. What love stories prevail in your family legends?