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For all our evolution and progression into modern society, people still fret about the same things as their forbearers, health, lifestyle, money, legacies, and appearance. Especially, appearance. The levels of human vanity never cease to amaze. Numerous people are constantly searching for the next trend in beauty, but the old-fashion natural or home-made concoctions work wonderfully. Notice I say natural or home-made, just because it is “old fashion” does not mean it is better nor does “new” mean better. Alternately, many ingredients are found in nature and thus natural. Here, I am referring to ingredients that do not take an apprenticeship at an apothecary to master. Recollect over the centuries the uses of lead and mercury on the face, borax on the hair, and many other atrocious remedies that caused illness, disease, and death.

Remedies that still work:

For Skin

Egg white masks to tighten the pores

Oatmeal facials to improve complexion and reduce redness

Tea Tree oil to manage breakouts

Witch Hazel as a natural astringent

For Hair

Palm Nut oil as a daily conditioner

Wheat germ gel to add shine

Apple cider vinegar will also add shine

Honey in shampoo will make hair manageable


Raw pineapple helps soften and pushes back cuticles

Garlic strengthens nails

I confess, I have tried a few of these remedies with wonderful results. Others I have yet to attempt . . .

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